Choosing the Right Short-Term Rehab Facility for Seniors

Short-term rehabilitation facilities exist to help seniors overcome medical setbacks in a safe, professional and caring environment.  Senior rehabilitation centers are not the nursing homes of past eras. Modern facilities provide intensive focus on healing and therapy that allows seniors to maximize their abilities after treatment. Finding the right one for your elder’s needs should include a number of different aspects of care:

Medical Care

Ensuring that patients have appropriate medical care during the rehabilitation period is critical to their recovery. Generally, seniors enter short-term rehab facilities after surgery for period of weeks or months. A rehab facility should provide the necessary level of medical care for seniors’ needs. This may include wound care, IV therapy, injected medications and other necessary procedures.

Physical Therapy

In many cases, the senior may be in the rehabilitation facility as a result of a problem that affects their mobility or daily physical function. The facility should be able to provide regular physical therapy on the premises to allow these patients to receive the appropriate follow-up care they need for full recovery.

Recreational Therapy

A good short-term facility will also provide a variety of recreational activities to keep seniors mentally engaged and socially interactive. Music, art, film, gardening and other modalities should be available to help stimulate patients’ attention and creativity.

Safety and Security

The facility should be well lighted, clean and without clutter, to allow easy movement by patients and staff. The facility should have bathrooms that are convenient for patients’ use, with call buttons to allow them to receive help when needed. It should register visitors going in and out of the facility during the day, and they should have security measures on hand at night.

Lifestyle Factors

Another aspect of care for your senior is the general lifestyle of the facility. The staff should be upbeat and friendly, encouraging the patients to become involved both mentally and physically, to their best ability. Activities should be scheduled at regular times throughout the day. The environment should be cheerful and well lighted, with windows available to allow patients contact with the outdoors. There should also be outdoor areas for sitting and conversing. Meals should be appetizing and healthy, tailored to the nutritional needs of the patients. In general, the facility should be upbeat and pleasant, providing a positive environment for their recovery.

If you or a loved one needs short-term rehabilitation care, contact the A.G. Rhodes Health and Rehab Center for information about care at their Marietta GA facility.

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